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It helps you remember about things like your daily tasks and appointments
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Wise Reminder is a simple, yet very effective, tool that lets you create lists of future tasks and events and reminds of them at the right time. For those of us that have busy daily schedules, Wise Reminder can prove to be of undeniable help. They will no longer forget about important meetings, appointments, and other upcoming events.

Wise Reminder is very easy to use. It's in fact one of the simplest task reminders I've ever seen. Even complete beginners can use it without any problem thanks to its intuitive, neat and straightforward interface. Anyway, the fact that it's really simplistic doesn't mean it's not effective. On the contrary, it's a handy and reliable tool that won't let you down. The reminders can come in the form of pop-ups containing relevant text, with specific ringtones additionally. The rest of the time this tool resides unobtrusively in the tray area, without bothering you at all.

I also like about it the fact that it lets you postpone alarms using the simple, yet handy, snooze function.

Cutting long story short, Wise Reminder is a great little tool that offers a really simple manner of creating schedules and reminders. Best of all, it's also completely free.

Margie Smeer
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